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Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit

Minkys Starter Kit

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Short description:

This kit has everything you need to learn how to apply Mink Eyelash Extensions.


Minkys starter kit gives every student a fantastic start to their eyelash extension training and allow them to use our premium quality professional grade products at low cost. As with all Minkys kits every single item can be replenished individually and additional lash sizes and colours can easily be added as and when needed.

Minkys Starter Kit contents*:

1 - Your Choice of our Black Grade Adhesives (choose glue)
1 - Gel Lash Remover
1 - J-Tile with Lash Tile Trays 0.15 & 0.20
1 - C-Tile with Lash Tile Trays 0.15 & 0.20
100 - Micro Brush Swabs
25 - Disposable Mascara Wands
100 - Cotton Tip Applicators
10 - Anti-Wrinkle Eye Gel Patches
1 - Luxe Clear Sealant
1 - Pre Extend Cleaner
1 - Straight Tweezer
1 - Curved Tweezer
1 - Small Jade Stone
1 - Silicone Adhesive Palette
1 - Heated Eyelash Curler
1 - Air Blower
1 - Medical Tape
1 - Face Mask
1 - Plastic Case

*Kit contents may vary based on availablility.

This Kit DOES NOT come with Certificate & Marketing Materials, unless you are taking a Hands-On Workshop.

Please note that Minkys kits are sold on the basis that purchasers have received or will be receiving approved training by a recognised training provider.

How do I register for a Minkys Workshop?
If you are planning on taking a Minkys workshop you need to register online here or call 888-670-9083, if you show up to the workshop without regietering you WILL NOT be able to stay for the workshop, click here to register for a workshop.

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