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Lash lift is one of the most popular procedures in beauty and eyelash extension industry.
The Minkys Lash Lift is perfect for customers who want a seductive and natural look.

Minkys Lash Lift is a safe and easy way to lift the natural lashes. It offers natural hydration to the lashes, is not aggressive and and doesn’t damage natural eyelashes.

The Minkys Lash Lift kit includes:

  • 15 sachets Lifting Lotion  
  • 15 sachets Setting Lotion 
  • 15 sachets Nourishing Lotion (oil) 
  • 5 pairs of small silicone lifting rods
  • 5 pairs of medium silicone lifting rods
  • 5 pairs of large silicone lifting rods
  • 2 bottles of adhesive

Kit includes enough product for approximately 30 Clients.

The high quality of the product results in a “flawless” duration up to 8 weeks.

Minkys Lash Lift tips:

Exposure of the first component 9-13 minutes
Second component exposure, 9-11 minutes
the last component is recommended to be applied on the roller for 1-2 minutes

Term of usage: Stored properly without opening: 1.5 years 
ISO Certificated Product; ISO Certifications of Conformity