Mini Fan Humidifier - E00505

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    Mini Portable Humidifier & Fan

    Designed to humidify and ventilate lash area.

    1. Using fan with moistened sponge will provide humidity needed to cure the eyelash adhesive.

    2. Fan moves adhesive fumes released during application process away from the client and lash artist. Place Mini Humidifying fan next to the client's head using the kick stand, or suspend from hook using lanyard (included).

    3. Fan may reduce tackiness of the adhesive when directed at the eyelashes. Turn fan on and wave back and forth over the eyelashes to help dry them during the application process.

    Instructions for cleaning sponge

    Remove, clean & moisten Sponge before each use

    1. Fan must be turned off.

    2. At the arrow, carefully lift the back cover to expose the sponge.

    3. Remove the sponge and wash with soap and water.

    4. Place clean, moisten sponge in the center of the back compartment.

    5. Replace back cover sliding it in from the top of the fan. Gently slide cover into place by pressing at the top of the arrow.

    USB charger included

    Charge daily or as needed.

    No batteries required