Minkys Lash Addict Kit

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Minkys has designed this new Lash Kit to give you BOOST! As a Lash Addicted Artist, you need these tools to make your sure clients get hooked on lashes too. Minkys' focus is on ensuring superior lash retention, lessening sensitivities, as well as protecting you from eye strain and fatigue. Plus we got you covered in the event of the Oops of dropped tweezers with some shiny new Gold ones! Oh... and, we threw in the Anti Allergy Gel for FREE!
Lash Addict Kit $140 (Retail $200)
  • Minkys Nano Mister
  • Gold Straight Tweezers
  • Gold Curved Tweezers
  • Groove Lash Variety Tray
  • 5 Lens Magnifying Glasses with LED Light
  • Anti Allergy Gel