Pre-Made 5D Volume Fans

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Minkys Flawless 5D Pre-made fans provide amazing lashes in less time than ever before. Created to be the most beautiful and consistent fans giving you that extra boost to raise the level of your artistry. Each fan is hand-made and heat bonded resulting in light fans that stay together. Because of the tiny sharp base they don’t give the fake Pre-made fan look. Flawless D Fans are available in .05 thickness, single length trays 8 to 15 in both C and D curl.

Flawless 5D lashes are amazing for the Lash artist that has not yet developed the ability to create their own hand-made volume fans. As a back-up for a very late client who really needs you, or as a rapid service for the client that wants the look of Volume but doesn’t have the time.

Minkys Flawless 5D fans have the same great retention as hand-made fans when paired with the proper Minkys adhesive.

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